Cast a Love Spell Using Pictures, Flowers, and Candle An unrequited love spell with pictures, candle magic, and flowers issuing an invitation to your love and his or her interest to look at you in a different way. This love spell gives the one you love new insight, so they can look at you through the lens of love.

Mainly two Photos Needed Picture of person you love Picture of yourself, Supplies Needed candle (color of your choice) and candleholder8″ of ribbon, same color as candle1 drop dandelion (flower essence)2 tablespoons olive oil, Sheet of red, green or pink paper, Red ink pen, Envelope to hold pictures (red, green, or pink)Plastic gloves (to anoint candle), Cotton swab (optional), Matches or lighter.

Instructions You will cast this spell on Saturday morning. You should also time your spell according to the lunar cycle. Ideally, you want to cast your spell within three days of the new moon or the night of a full moon. Don the disposable gloves and mix the anointing oil of olive oil and one drop of dandelion flower essence (carries your words to your love). Anoint/dress candle then place in candle holder.

How to cast a Love Spell using Picture that effect in only 2 days;

Light the candle. Use the red pen to write onto the back of his/her picture: “I’m yours,” followed by your name. On the back of your picture write, “I’m yours,” followed by his/her name. Place your picture so it is face to face with your love’s picture. Tie the two pictures together with the ribbon. Slip the pictures with the red ribbon still intact into the envelope and seal it with wax from the candle. Hold the sealed envelope in front of you and repeat:

“Hear my voice and see me in front of you,
Feel the love I have for you,
Consider me as someone you can love,
Recognize me and that I am yours,
See me and hear me with your heart open to my love.” Place the envelope in a secure place that only you know about. Allow the candle to burn down and self-extinguish. Place the remnants of the candle and ashes from your message in a glass jar. Bury the jar in a place that you consider romantic and special.

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