Welcome to Dr kawoyaa Healing & Health Spells! These Wiccan healing spells can be used to heal yourself or someone else. They can be used for emotional or physical ailments.

Healing spells

Dr Kawoyaa has included a variety of witchcraft healing spells so you can find the perfect fit for your circumstances. Several of these use no ingredients and can be done using specific healing spell words. We wish you love and blessings when casting these and hope they bring you everything you deserve.

Healing spells for illness

Items Needed

  • Purple Candle
  • Blue Candle
  • White Candle
  • Myrrh Oil
  • Mint Oil
  • 3 Pieces of Quartz
  • 3 Pieces of Paper

Anoint each candle with all 3 of the oils. Set them up on a triangle on your altar. Anoint the stones as well and place one in front of each candle. Write the name of the ill person on each piece of paper and place them in the center of the triangle.

Light each candle and focus on the person who is sick. Think about them being healthy and free of their symptoms. Picture them strong and healthy in your mind. As the candles burn down repeat the below 3 times:

Magic mend and candle burn

Illness leave and health return

Allow the candles to burn for 3 hours and snuff them out. Repeat the entire ritual for 3 nights in a row for added power.

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Healing candle spells

Items Needed

  • White Human Shaped Candle 
  • Myrrh or Mint Oil
  • Photograph of Sick Person

This spell is used to speed up recovery from an illness. The white human shaped candle should be the appropriate gender. Anoint the candle with 3 drops of either myrrh or mint oil. While you do this, visualize a healing energy of white light flowing from your hands into the candle and say the below:

In the divine name of the Goddess

Who breathes life into us all

I consecrate and charge this candleAs a magical tool for healingPlace the candle on top of the photograph of the sick person and light the wick. As the candle burns down, concentrate upon the person in the photograph willing him or her to be well again and chant the below, then the spell is cast.Magick mend and candle burnSickness end, good health return!This is a great time to cast a Karma Cleansing Spell


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