Dr Kawoyaa Break up spells are usually the best way to cause a split between a happy couple, friends or even between those who want to go their own individual ways. They could be the most potent and powerful media if you are looking forward to a petty quarrel, especially one between lovers or couples in a relationship which you do not appreciate. Such spells sometimes have to be customized to suit the situation and the couple. These Break up spells could be said to be the antithesis of love spells. The magic that works when one is under the effect of a break-up spell is the opposite of love magic.

They hold unfathomable powers that can even cause a divorce between couples in a marital relationship. The split could be permanent. The biggest drawback when using break-up spells is that they could backfire in certain situations. They could have the same negative effect on the person trying the spell.


1. FRIENDS; To make a split between friends, take two lemons, and roll them with pieces of papers with the names of the two friends you want to split. The names should appear eight times on each slip of paper. These lemons are to be buried in your yard where they are exposed to sunrise and sunset. Proceed by pouring half a cup of vinegar on the lemons at 1:00 o’clock. The friends are sure to quarrel and part.

2. RELATIONSHIP; Write the names of the individuals you wish to break up on two sides of a sheet of paper. Separation incense and black candles could add to the flavor of the situation. Tear the paper into equal halves, and burn the half with the undesired partner’s name. Be sure to chant the following:

“As this paper burns, so did their love,

As this paper dissolves, so must it be.”

The ashes should be thrown into flowing water after the candles have burned out.

3.INTRUDER TO LEAVE: To force an unpleasant individual to leave, you must write the full name along with the date of birth of the individual in question on a piece of paper. Wrap it up with a photograph of the individual, put it inside a bottle of vinegar, before throwing it into a river or a body of flowing water. The enemy will soon be moving away.

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