The Ultimate Best African Crystals for Love & Protection

For years, people have turned to crystals for love, blessings and protection from negative energy. These unwanted energies include but are not limited to other people’s’ emotions, ill-wishing, cursing, envy, evil eye, fixation, or jealousy; sorcery; malevolent spirits or spirit attachments; manipulation or abuse; a run of bad luck or ill fortune; or even the bad vibes of a room, house, building or a plot of land.

If you only start working with crystals, you are going to need a protective stone. Listed below are the best crystals for Love, blessings and protection you should consider when expanding your crystal collection. Some of these crystals are the most powerful protection crystals for deflecting energy, while others are good for cloaking or blocking. It is not uncommon for some to use these protection crystals for the home or at work. It is important to keep in mind that not all protective crystals work the same and what you work with all depends on what exactly is affecting you and what you specifically need. 

Healing Crystals for protection can be worn, used to create grids, kept on sacred altars. It just depends on your intended function for the crystal.”

Black Obsidian protects from obsession, sorcery, and ill-fortune. It is one of the most powerful protection crystals. Black Obsidian matches the frequency of banishment, which is why it’s such a powerful crystal for those that are involved in the breaking of curses, hexes, spirit attachments, returning of energy to its sender, and so on.

Black tourmaline works to repel lower, harmful frequencies and protects the environment around you while cleansing you of stagnant or negative energy.

Labradorite is one of the powerful protection crystals. It works best for shielding against psychic attack, fixation, and ill-wishing. This crystal helps those who are affected by people gossiping about them/fantasizing about and desiring your total, epic ruin.

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