This think of me spells to drive him or her crazy works in 2days and has been able to help many couples and relationships in not only Africa but all over the world. Effective rituals is perfect for families, ex-lovers, friends, or anyone you don’t get to see every day. Dr kawoyaa’s goal of this spell is to connect you to your loved one through thoughts and mental imaginations. As you perform this spell, you’ll think of them, and wherever they are in the world, they’ll think of you. It’s really beautiful!

Find a picture of the person you want to connect with. It can be an actual printed photograph, digital image from social media, or on your phone.

Hold the photo (or your phone) in your hands and create a sense of quiet around you. To do this, imagine a white or gold light coming down from the sky and surrounding you. This will allow you to create a sacred space for magic even in the most chaotic settings like a subway train or a busy office. I love to perform this spell in a peaceful spot outside, but sometimes that’s not possible.

Wherever you are its fine!

You by looking at the image of the person, focusing particularly on their eyes. If any emotions come up while you’re doing this, just allow them to flow through you. Now think of a happy memory you have with this person. Let the memory play out in your mind from beginning to end as you gaze at the photo.

Finally, hold the photo (or phone) to your heart and imagine a shiny, glowing thread shooting from your heart across the miles, oceans, continents, whatever, towards your loved one. See the thread connecting to your loved one’s heart. Send a specific message to this person if you’d like by imagining your words traveling along the thread to reach this person.

Allow the thread to fade away, and your spell is complete.

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